Daniel Has Plans.......What Will We Do?!?

Daniel has plans… what will we do?!

As the Great Lakes trip drew closer we started getting grandparent requests for time with Daniel… Then we started to think of the possibilities… how about a Todd and Carrie get away?!  With 7 nights and visions of a remote sandy beach, we started to look for possibilities considering the following.

  • We definitely want to go somewhere warm and on the beach
  • We prefer remote locations 
  • We are most comfortable in small, low-key places
  • We want to be really casual (no dress codes!)
  • 7 days is a great amount of time, but not enough to go too far off the grid
  • We want to avoid the stress of 3 flights, but are willing to take a ferry after the second flight
  • Since Daniel won’t be with us we don’t need as much space as usual and don’t need to look for kid-friendly amenities

We narrowed our search to the Caribbean islands and Central America.  Our first inclination was Central America… we loved Belize and there are a number of other Central American destinations on our must-do list.  However, as we looked into the Central American destinations, we ruled them out for a couple of reasons.  First, some are hard to get to and are better suited for 10+ day trips.  Second, Daniel would love some of the places that are easier to get to and the resorts we would choose are more suited for families.  

To start the Caribbean search, we looked at were we could get to in two flights from Cleveland.  Many of the destinations are big resort spots… very beautiful and fun but not what we’re looking for.  After lots of searching, Todd found that there’s a ferry service from Marsh Harbor, Bahamas to the small island of Hope Town, Bahamas.  We are booked at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge (http://www.hopetownlodge.com) starting on June 2nd and can’t wait!

For more information on traveling in the Bahamas, check out a blog post that Todd wrote about a year ago: http://www.thesechels.com/news/2016/5/2/amazing-beaches-out-islands-of-the-bahamas It gives lots of great information on traveling to the out islands.  The pictures below are from a couple of our favorite spots – Cape Santa Maria (http://www.capesantamaria.com) on Long Island and Kamalame Cay (http://www.kamalame.com) an island off of South Andros.