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We are frequently asked about some of the products/ gear that we use, so we decided to put together a collection of some of our favorite items that have stood the test of time. These are all items that we currently use and love. You will notice a buy button after each product. These are affiliate links from Amazon and other great companies. An affiliate link simply means that if you click through and purchase (costs you nothing extra) we get a few pennies too. If you enjoy what we do here, shopping through these links are a great way to help keep us continue to create and share.

Canon 5d Mark III

This has been my primary camera and workhorse since it was released. This is my third full frame Canon in a row all of which still work just fine! Build quality, image size and quality have suited my needs from large wall art to publication and web work.

CANON EF 70-200 F4L IS

The main “long lens” for the last 6-7 years. There are definitely times that i could use a little more “reach”  even with the 1.4x extender, but the instances are too infrequent to justify the huge size, weight, expense of say a 100-400, 400. or even 600mm lens. I originally purchased this as part of my “international travel kit”= (17-40, 24-105, 70-200 all F4’s)…when were flying all over the place in Asia, etc. while living in India. I was willing to sacrifice the speed and low light for $$ savings, size, and weight which is always at a premium in air travel. 

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L Lens

 My go to lens for going wide…if its low light/ blue hour and I'm setting up a tripod this is then lens that is going on

GoPro HERO5 Black

Our very first action cam. We are really just starting to explore what this little guy can do. Right off the bat, i love the built in underwater housing…I really turned it loose and put through the tests in Costa Rica…..steamy wet hot springs, downpours on the walking bridges in the rain forest, getting smashed around in the sandy/ salty waves of the Pacific, snorkeling, and even time-lapse and videos in planes and cars. So far so good. Im not going to be printing any 40x60 metal prints off a still image take with it, but it sure is nice to have this option to safely capture a scene in extreme conditions.

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II Lens

Current walk around lens…if i can only take one, this is what i am taking…does a little bit of everything well. Wide enough for travel and landscape, fast and sharp enough for portraits, with a decent about of zoom to capture those scenes that are just out of reach. ***the main reason i upgraded to this lens over the 24-105 was the low light capabilities…this lens allows me to capture much darker scenes than the 24-105 without noise…perfect when for whatever reason you can’ t use lights or a tripod

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod

I bought this when i bought the GoPro and really like it…it does everything pretty well…from the family selfies, to underwater, and even time lapses etc, with the included tripod attachment. (inside the handle)

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

A great, powerful, little mirrorless camera. I have owned this one for several years now and love it…very affordable, excellent image quality. This model is still available for around $500-600. They have upgraded it a couple times already (A6300 & A6500 which are great cameras, but quite a bit more expensive = $950 and $1400 respectively) I love thiscamera for a “walk around camera” especially when traveling. I can take the A6000 and the following 3 lenses in a small sling pack (Think Tank Turnstyle 20) and pretty much be ready for anything.

Sony 10-18mm Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

 a great, super wide lens….allowing me to capture the entire scene. 

MeFOTO Carbon Fiber Roadtrip Travel Tripod

A super small/ super light…but not quite as sturdy tripod. Great for when you think you might need a tripod….but don’t want to lug a full-size. This thing is tiny…easy to pack, comes in cool colors, can be purchased with a very serviceable ball head and folds down to a very meager 15.4"inches. If i am going far, or light, or if I'm not sure i will need a tripod, this is the one i toss in. It can get a little wobbly when fully extended (The bottom extensions are very thin) but i usually offset this by hanging my bag on the included hook on the center post to keep it in place.

MindShift BackLight 26L Backpack

I am kind of the Imelda Marcos of camera backpacks…not joke I have a pile of them in my basement…every different set up, strap style, etc. I have very specific wants/ needs when traveling/ photographing. I have different needs on the plane versus when shooting on location and there in lies the problem. I never check ANY of my camera gear (outside of tripods, cords, miscellaneous items that i could get by without in a pinch.)  That means when flying I need to be able to carry a full frame dslr (5d MKIII) with 2-3 lenses in addition to my back up or walk around camera (Sony A6000) with 3 lens plus batteries, clothing, toiletries, laptop, ext. hard drives, headphones, tablets, etc.   Link to Carry on Packing of this back to show just how much i can fit in the bag.   Then once on location I need it to transition into a comfortable/ well organized backpack to shoot out of.

joby dslr gorillapod with ballhead

Sony Vario-Tessar 16-70mm Lens

If i can only take one, it is this versatile high quality Zeiss lens. Nice an wide to capture most scenes with a decent amount of zoom when you need it.

Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera

Prior to the Gopro, this was our only underwater/ extreme condition camera option. Pretty much an extreme conditions point and shoot….again, not going to print any wall art from it, but a nice option to capture those scened that i don't dare break out the 5d or A6000 (FYI the underwater housings for these cameras are VERY spendy…I currently don't do enough of it to warrant spending $1500+ just on a housing. We have and still use the original D10 from this series and we bought both our parents the D20 for xmas several years back. A nice option tough, waterproof option (also a great option for gradeschoolers) for a few hundred dollars

Lee Filters Foundation Kit Filter Holder System

This system was a game changer for me…people often ask how I get certain effects and if its photoshop, etc. This filter system really helped push my work to the next level. The holder attaches to the front of the lens (with the appropriate sized adapter) and then the holder accepts up to (3) 4”x4” or 4”x6” filters giving you the ability to control even the most difficult natural lighting situation.

Think Tank TURNStyle 20

I love this bag. Excellent for a day trip….whether it is visiting a favorite spot for the afternoon…or exploring a European city for the first time. This comfortable little sling, is inconspicuous and holds a ton of stuff…especially when i go with my Sony A6000 set up. I can pack a great kit (including the Sony A6000, 10-18, 16-70, 55-210 lenses, plus extra batteries, filters, phone, rain cover, and even a small tablet or jacket.) to capture just about any scene i might come across, without have to lug around my much larger backpack. 

Kirk BH-3 Ball Head with Quick Release

Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 Lens

Excellent zoom lens….great reach in a small package. Its great to have that much zoom when you need it, without having to give up all of the space and weight of the standard 70-200 for a DSLR zoom lens

FEISOL Travel Rapid Tripod CT-3441T

I absolutely love this tripod…i am on my second one. When i originally began researching tripods, we were traveling a ton (mostly on planes) and wanted a solid/ sturdy tripod tough enough for long exposures (i love long exposures!) but i had several significant constraints: It had to be light (carbon fiber - check)….portable (folds up small enough to pack inside of a 21” suitcase - check)…it had to be affordable…which is difficult to find with these requirements…($400 - check) Try finding that in a Really Right Stuff or Gitzo Traveler!! Another nice little added feature is they are a US company so if you need parts, have questions, etc. it is super easy. I highly recommend checking them out…they have a great selection to meet most everyone’s needs.

Lee Filters 4x6" Neutral Density Graduated Soft edge

Have you ever looked through the viewfinder of your camera at an amazing sunrise/ sunset scene with amazing foreground details lit perfectly by the bright light of the rising or setting sun…you press the shutter and the preview on the screen shows the beautiful colors of the sky but all of those amazing foreground details are unrecognizable black silhouettes?? Well…these filters allow you to “hold back” that bold light on the horizon while still capture the beautiful colors of the sky AND the beautiful details of the foreground. The next time you look at a sunrise or sunset look at how drastic the difference in light and dark are above and below the horizon…your eyes can “capture” it, but your camera can not…without a little help. Think about it like putting sunglasses over the top half of your lens (above the horizon) to capture the scene in a more even fashion, similar to how your eyes see it.

Think Tank Airport Accelerator

This is a serious camera bag, for transporting a ton of gear! I comes in just under the max. allowable size for airplane carry on (large planes/ international flights) This bag played a huge role when we were living in India…i was able to safely transport all of my gear back and forth between India and the USA. When not in use on airplanes, it is a great place to store all of my gear that isn’t currently in use…it holds a lot!