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Over the past 10 years I have built a collection of photographs that span the globe. In viewing my work, you will experience my strong Ohio roots and love for Lake Erie, and my extensive travels in Europe and Southeast Asia. Travel inspires me, and I am passionate about new experiences near and far. My work has been on display and available for many years, but I’m now inviting you to go on the journey – new creative projects, refining techniques, testing gear, and family experiences. You will experience some familiar places along with many new ones, as seen through the eyes of a photographer, father, and husband. 

Characteristics of my photography include high attention to detail, balance and depth. I’m always testing new print techniques, etc., and currently recommend that majority of my images be printed on aluminum, in order to enjoy the luminosity and detail.



Extensive travel, artistic experience, and detailed composition skills translate into photographs that jump off the page and add feeling and depth to publications.  

  • My portfolio includes destinations in 25+ countries

  • I love to travel near and far and am constantly adding to my collection

  • I shoot with and without the human element

  • I welcome assignments and understand publication layout needs

  • I’m comfortable with tight deadlines and quick responsiveness expectations 

Photographic wall art

Both for the individual buyer and interior designers who need a statement art piece that perfectly fits any environment because it is curated to match a specific feeling or atmosphere. Unlike traditional art photography or mass marketed stock art, I share my passion, stories, and vision with my customers. 

  • The images in my portfolio look great in all different sizes from small accent pieces up to very large statement pieces

  • I collaborate with my customers and/or their designers to find the perfect size, medium, and finish for the specific space

  • I love to use new and different print mediums including aluminum, art walls, and acrylic

  • If you are looking for a shot I don’t have let me know – I welcome new projects

  • I enjoy working with designers and offer an incentive arrangement 

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