Check Out These Great Articles!

I usually post book suggestions, but today I'm changing it up! There are a lot of great articles out there and every few weeks I'll post a few recommended articles instead of a book. This week I have three to check out…

Creativity... so many people believe that creativity is a gift only bestowed on a chosen few. I disagree! We are all creative... we just have to find our creativity, which is hard. Click here for some interesting insights on why some of us have lost our creativity and how we can reclaim it.  Something else to think about... our kids... when I read the article, I thought about Daniel (my son) too... I want to make sure he doesn't lose his creativity! 

Connection to each other is so important! Over time we have become less connected and we're starting to see the affects. Click here to check out an article on the affects of social isolation.

Empathy... I can think of few things more important to meaningfully connecting, leading, resolving conflict, building bridges between people, etc. Recently a fascinating study was done to rank the countries of the world according to how empathetic they are. The results are very interesting. As with all surveys, there are some aspects that could be questioned, but the overall information is great to get us thinking. Click here for the summary.