If It's Not Broke... Change It!

We often say: “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it?”. We need to throw this attitude out the door! Why? For a few reasons…

First, whether or not something is “broke” is a matter of interpretation. We might think that if life is going on OK and things are generally getting done nothing is “broke”. But do you just want life to be OK? Think of cooking… a recipe may be just fine, but can be amazing when a couple dashes of spice are added.

Second, when we fix something that we think is broke we often find that other things we thought were working need to be fixed too. Think of your body… imagine that something is broke like a bone or a muscle… you will overwork other parts of your body to compensate for what’s broke, oftentimes without even knowing. When the broken part is fixed, how the other parts are operating will need to be fixed too, or they will break.

Third, and most importantly, making changes and tweaks enlivens us, challenges us, and empowers us with the knowledge that we can make change. Nature provides so many great examples for us… I love to think about the seasons, which are very distinct where I live. Fall sheds away what was before, winter is a resting period, spring comes alive with new life, and summer flourishes with beauty. Every year is better than the last… In our lives, if we never shed what is, we won’t experience what can be!

After going through the exercises in week 1, you have a better idea of what you do each day, your habits and routines, how things might vary on the weekend, and how you spend your free time. Any surprises? If not, you probably haven’t looked hard enough… there are very few of us who don’t have at least one thing that’s on autopilot, just sort of working in the background unnoticed as we go about life…

Now that you’ve raised your awareness, it’s time to have some fun! This week we’re going to make at least one change. The change should be easy and not cause anxiety. Why? To prove that you can make change! I urge you not to tackle something hard just yet… remember that we’re talking about transformation… transformation takes time and is a process. If done right transformation is fun, empowering, and exciting… this is how we get it to stick! When we start with something easy it feels good, there’s accomplishment, and we start to see that change doesn’t have to be painful… it can be quite the opposite!

What follows are some questions to get you thinking about your change for the week… just some ideas in case there’s nothing obvious to you. When you decide on what it is, write it down and carry it with you. It’s important to be very intentional!

·      Are there any foods that I eat every day? What could I eat instead?

·      What do I do first thing when I get up? How can I modify this? Note: If you sleep with your phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic next to you and check it before you get out of bed, this is a great target! Try resisting the urge to check until after you’ve done a few things to get the day started.

·      Do I listen to the radio when I’m in my car? Consider driving with no noise at least once a day.

·      How many times a day do I check social media? Consider eliminating some time on social media and/or picking times during the day when you check and otherwise stay off of it.

·      What do I do before I go to bed? Consider spending 15 minutes doing something calming like reading or listening to relaxing music.

·      Do I have much movement during the day? If not, try to find 15 minutes at some point during each day to walk around… getting out of the chair can be very rejuvenating! Also, note, when you walk around I recommend staying off electronics.

·      What do I do in my free time? Consider peeling off 15 minutes from the TV or social media to write in a journal, draw, play music, or something else creative that you enjoy.

A couple things before you leave…

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