7 Spots For A Great Fall Hike

The other day Daniel and I were driving down the street and Daniel pointed out a tree with yellow leaves. I assured him that the leaves won’t start changing for at least a month. However, the thought of changing leaves got me excited about the fall. I love summer and never want it to end, but once we turn the corner to fall I’m all in!

One of our favorite fall activities is hiking… the weather is great and the scenery is beautiful! We love to hike around the Great Lakes, but as the weather cools down it’s fun to venture out and explore other areas. What are some of our favorite places to hike? Keep reading for 7 areas we love to hike in the Great Lakes region and beyond…

North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains

About a year ago we went on a hiking retreat to North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. As we planned our hiking retreat we read a lot about the great hiking trails and our expectations were pretty high. We expected amazing natural beauty, lots of trails to choose from with different intensity levels, and varied experiences from high mountains to river valleys and waterfalls. Did the hiking trails meet our expectations? Yes... they exceeded our expectations! We had so much information to share that we wrote two posts. Check them out here:

Hikers' Paradise... North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains... The Perfect Spot For A Hiking Retreat!

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

Interested in hiking to a rare fresh water grotto? Bruce Peninsula National Park includes an amazing fresh water grotto in addition to great hiking trails and other stunning views of Lake Huron! An extra bonus… the park is just a few minutes from Tobermory which is one of the prettiest little towns on the Great Lakes! Find all the details in our full post at:

Beautiful Tobermory

Hocking Hills State Park, OH

Are you interested in some of the most amazing natural beauty in the US?  Do you think you have to go to someplace like Colorado or Utah to see it?  OK, Colorado and Utah are pretty cool… but Ohio’s Hocking Hills is pretty cool too!  We’ve been to Hocking Hills multiple times and keep going back… it really is that great.  Though most times of the year are great for a Hocking Hills trip, the fall is spectacular! Check out our full post for all the details:

Hocking Hills... A Fantastic Fall Quick Trip!!

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, WI

Looking for amazing natural beauty, water, and the feeling that you’re off the grid? Check out the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on the southern shore of Lake Superior. You can explore the Islands or stay in the mainland and experience amazing views of lakeside cliffs, caves, and crazy rock formations. Find all the details in our full post at:

A Gem... Bayfield, WI and Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Blackwater Falls, WV

West Virginia is a great place for a hiking trip… the natural beauty, super friendly people, and the relaxed vibe are awesome! One of our favorite areas is Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis, WV. Blackwater Falls includes amazing waterfalls, great hikes, and some amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Find all the details in our full post at:

Davis, West Virginia... Perfect Any Time Of Year!

When you’re in the area, consider checking out Snowshoe Mountain. Snowshoe is a sky resort during the winter months and fun hiking and mountain biking destination the rest of the year. Check out our post for all the details:

An Awesome Long Weekend in Snowshoe, WV!

Tahquamenon Falls State Park, MI

We love waterfalls, and when we visited Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (“UP”) the first time, Tahquamenon Falls State Park was our first stop!  Tahquamenon Falls State park includes an upper falls and a lower falls with lots of hiking around and in between.  Check out our full post for all the details:

Michigan's Upper Peninsula... Pure Natural Beauty!

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH

We are fortunate to live just 45 minutes from Cuyahoga Valley National Park which includes a number of hiking areas, Brandywine Falls, historic areas, Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, and much more! There are activities for all ages and physical abilities. One of our favorite areas is Brandywine Falls… the Falls are beautiful and the hiking is great for the family. Check out the Cuyahoga Valley National Park website for all the details: 


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