Daniel Does: Frankenmuth

I went to an arcade that was really big and I won a bunch of tickets and got cool prizes.  The game I got most tickets on was Frogger.  There was a claw machine, Wacky Bird, and other cool games.

I went to a water park.  It was really cool.  That was like the only thing we did that day.  Me and my dad played a lot.  They had lily pads in the water and I got on one and my dad threw basketballs to me on the lily pad and I tried to karate chop them!  The water park has 5 waterslides.  I didn’t go on any except for a little one.  My Dad went on one of the big ones and my Dad said I might not like it because it’s dark and goes really fast.  There is an area where you get more sun because the roof opens up.  The area where you don’t get as much sun has the most fun pools.