Daniel Special Edition: Jellystone Campground in Grayling, MI

I went to a place that is called Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground in Grayling, MI.  I highly rate it for kids like me… 8 years old and probably up to about 11 years old… it is really cool!

First, I’ll talk about the arcade.  It’s at the Ranger Station at the entrance of the campground where you check in.  The game I won the most that doesn’t take a lot of money is one of their claw machines.  I won a plush dog and a plush yellow hippo. 

Next, I’ll talk about the bouncing pillow.  They have certain times that little kids can bounce, so the little kids don’t get mixed with the big kids – good idea!  There is another bouncing pillow for kids that are under 6.

Next, I’ll talk about the playground.  It isn’t that big but it has cool things.  It’s right by the bouncing pillow and has lots of things for kids like me – haha!

They have a good pool.  The pool I think is about 10 yards long and 5 yards wide. 

They have mini-golf.  It’s really cool because it has lots of levels where you have to get the ball through or around something.  So, like on one, there were rocks and a tube so you had to get the ball through the tube and then it put the ball in the section with the hole – that was pretty cool!

They also have games that they do every day at certain times.  They announce them at the ranger station.

I had a really great time!!!