Daniel Eats: Sault Sainte Marie

We were waking and walking and walking and we couldn't seem to find a restaurant.  I was trying to say that we could just buy some things at the grocery store, and then it happened... We found a restaurant... Arturo's.  When I looked at the menu I said “uh-oh there is nothing for me to eat here!”, but then mom thought they could make me some crispy chicken because there was something similar on the menu.  I really liked it because it was crispy and was really good chicken.  When we were waiting for our food the waitress brought out a basket of bread that was really good too!

We were walking again and nobody else was hungry but I was starving!  We kept walking until we got to the end and I was super-duper starving.  We went to a place that didn't have any food but they recommended a place called City Meat Market.  I got a huge salami sandwich on really nice bread... Yummmm... It was heaven!