Daniel Does: Sault Sainte Marie

We had a walking day... We walked like maniacs all over town.  We stopped for a break from the rain at a boat museum.  They had old stuff... I thought it was from the 18th century but my Mom and Mad said it was from the 1950s!  At least I was only 2 centuries off!  

Then we walked out of the boat museum we went to the snack bar... Apparently they have a different ideas of good snacks from me... All they had was water, Doritos, and vanilla ice cream!

We went to another museum but only my Papa went in.  We went to City Meat Market a block away and it was awesome.  I had a giant salami sandwich.  I only ate half of it and then we went to a restaurant, Muio's, and I got a really good pizza.  There was a big storm coming and we got there right in time... It was like buckets of water were being dumped on earth!