Spring Break Out West: Day 4

Day 4 – After a sunrise hike and a full tour of Bryce Canyon’s lookout points we took the afternoon off to relax.

We got up for a sunrise hike and chose the Swamp Canyon Loop trail which is about 5 miles.  The plus for the hike is that it doesn’t require any backtracking.  However, the scenery isn’t as amazing as some of the other hikes and goes through a number of areas that appear to have been victims of forest fires.  

After the hike we drove to Rainbow Point, which is at the end of the park.  From there we went to all of the viewpoints as we made our way back.  It was a great way to see Bryce Canyon from different perspectives.  There is one road that goes through Bryce Canyon National Park which is about 19 miles one way, 38 miles round trip.

We decided to take the afternoon for some downtime to read, do laundry, relax, and spend time together.

Key tips:

  • The road from the beginning of Bryce Canyon National park to the end is about 19 miles one way and includes 13 scenic viewpoints.  The park website estimates that it takes about 3 hours round trip to experience all of the view points.

  • Leave time in the itinerary for rest and relaxation.