Spring Break Out West: Day 1

Day 1 – Our trip started with a quick night in Las Vegas, Nevada before heading to the national parks.  

We headed to Las Vegas, Nevada from Cleveland, Ohio on a 5:45pm flight.  This gave us almost a full day of work/school and put us in Las Vegas around 7pm.  When traveling from Eastern Standard Time Zone to Pacific Standard Time Zone, there’s a 3-hour time difference that gives extra time on the day of travel.

Las Vegas is really easy to travel to… there are lots of direct flights, the airport is well marked, and there are plenty of taxis available.  When we arrived we got a taxi and headed to our hotel.  We reserved a room at the Palazzo and planned to head to Bryce Canyon the following morning.  The Palazzo is very close to the airport – anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes depending n the traffic.  

We noted for future trips that it’s not critical to stay in Las Vegas before heading out to the national parks.  There are plenty of rental cars at the airport and there are a number of locations within an hour of Las Vegas that offer accommodations and restaurants.  This is attractive from both affordability and experience standpoints…

Key tips:

  • Going from east to west on the day of travel allows for extra time on the day of travel.

  • Las Vegas airport is convenient and user friendly.

  • There’s no need to stay in Las Vegas the day of arrival if traveling out to other destinations.