Daniel Does Chicago

In Chicago there are a bunch of different things to do. I only did 3 of them, but I'm guessing there are a bunch more... we could only get to so many things in 3 days! My parents don't like to do too many things and rush around a whole bunch. 

360 Chicago is something like 93 stories tall! There is this thing where you can tilt on the glass of the building and see the streets below! It looked cool... but I didn't feel like trying it! We walked around and looked at the view and played Chicago trivia. I thought it was really fun!

At Shedd Aquarium there were about 9 different exhibits! My favorite was the Polar area where they had Beluga Whales, Dolphins, and Penguins. Shedd Aquarium is huge and has a bunch of different fish, water creatures, and some birds!

The Art Institute of Chicago has all kinds of paintings, pictures, and other great things. One of the things I liked the best were the paintings about Jesus. I learned about all the famous painters from hundreds of years ago. I also liked some of the paintings that aren't as old, especially by PIcasso and Matisse.