How To Turn Uncertainty Into Power, Not Paralysis

Uncertainty… what does it mean to you?  For many it’s incredibly scary.  For many it impedes progress, stops us in our tracks, and prevents us from opening new doors.  But does it have to be this way?  Could we change the game and use all that energy to fuel us instead of paralyzing us?

Over the last year I made this shift and found that opening myself to uncertainty is powerful.  Instead of mapping out every moment, every thought, every step, and every “how” to get to my vision, I jump into every day excited for new and unexpected paths forward.  I continue to be amazed at what I see, how my experiences change, and the ideas that come to me.

So, do I just wake up and look around?  Is this just a reactive way of living?  How do I get over the fear of uncertainty so I can respond as my life flows? 

No. No.  Here’s what I do… I believe that some structure is really important and I have created structure through two things 1) continuing to refine and reflect on my life vision and 2) daily practices that keep me in the right frame of mind. 

Having a life vision is critical… I’ve written about life vision before… I know what I want my life to look like and am flexible to adjust it as I evolve.  It’s concise enough to be a mantra… something I have memorized and can repeat to myself any time.  I think it to myself when I get up in the morning, I think it when I feel stressed and need to get back to the basics, and I think about it when I make decisions to ensure my choices are aligned with my life vision. 

There are several things I do daily… we can call them my daily rituals or practices

·      I start the day with three simple statements… I write these down and every day they are different…

o   What I’m grateful for… its powerful to remember the countless amazing things in my life and in our world.

o   What I love about myself… loving ourselves is critical to approaching life with love.

o   How I can serve… using the best of myself to serve the world.

·      Meditation… It’s a journey… I’m still learning a lot and am no pro.  It took me a bit of time, but now believe it’s extremely beneficial.  I try for 20 minutes a day, but sometimes it’s less.

·      Journaling… This was my first daily practice… on 10/4/2015, I decided that if I was going to transform my life I’d write about the process, how I felt, how I worked through issues, etc.  I’ve written in my journal every day since then…

Right now you might be thinking… “I don’t have that kind of time!”  I get it, and I didn’t start off doing all of these things… I started with journaling and added the other practices later as I discovered them.  But, I’m going to challenge the time assumption… if we’re really serious about transformation don’t we think it will take some time daily?  Transformation isn’t easy and takes commitment, but it’s our lives we’re talking about… doesn’t that make the time worth it?