I'm ready for a transformation! Where do I start?

About a year ago I was asking myself this question.  I knew things needed to change.  My head was a jumbled mess of thoughts ranging from money to purpose to career to spirituality to family.  I didn’t know where to start and when I searched around for tools, books, examples, etc., I was overwhelmed by the volume and types of information available. 

As I started to see what’s out there I broke it down into two broad categories and at that point I had to decide what I was really looking for.  Was I looking to focus on just my career and how to identify work that may make me happier?  Or, was I looking to focus on everything in my life and to do a deep dive into myself?

This is a super important point...  If we aren’t honest with ourselves as we approach transformation, we can end up in another career that doesn’t hit the mark because we didn’t deal with the deep questions/issues that are driving our need for transformation, or we can end up on a really long journey that we don’t want to be on.

I eventually chose the deep dive path, but this wasn’t where I started.  At first, I was very focused on what I’d do next for all kinds of reasons… money, pride, and fear were a few of them.  However, every time I read another article or tool about finding the right next career I was more frustrated and anxious… it just didn’t feel right.

Todd and I made the decision together that instead of focusing on the career, I should focus on clearing my mind… going deep and finding my true purpose.  Focusing on the “why?”, not the “how?”.  This decision was life changing and opened me up to a whole new me. 

Full disclosure, going deep takes time and I don’t believe it leads to a destination, rather chapters in a long story.  This may not be appealing or needed.  However, we need to be honest with ourselves… if there’s already been a career change and it isn’t hitting the mark, focusing on career results in more anxiety, there’s a feeling that making a career move is just putting a Band Aid on a scratch… there’s something else that needs to be discovered. 

Though it might be painful at first, imagine a life full of purpose.  Imagine getting up every day excited.  Imagine feeling harmony in all aspects of life.  Imagine the amazing potential.  Sounds awesome, right?!

Through this process I've found so many amazing people out there who are doing the same thing... they are farther on the journey and share what they've learned.  I've meandered through a lot of what's available and am sharing what I've found on my weekly music, reading, and thinking posts.