Why Am I Sharing My Personal Journey?

Why am I sharing my personal journey?  Why do I want to let the world see my transformation unfold?  This is surely risky…

Maybe I’ll look silly

Maybe I’ll say something that will offend someone

Maybe nobody will want to read

There are lots of maybes – I could think of a million reasons not to do this.  However, I’m choosing to focus on some other maybes…

Maybe I can help others

Maybe I can connect with other people looking to find the best of themselves

Maybe we can do some really impactful things together

Bottom line, I’m doing this because I believe there are a ton of super talented people out there who are feeling stuck.  I was there.  I don’t have all of the answers, far from it, but I can offer what’s helped me.  This is not about me… it’s about us… it’s about building a community of people who aren’t settling.  It’s about us finding our passions and gifts and using them to do amazing things!

I don’t know if there could be a better time to go through a life transformation.  There are so many great people out there focused on being the best they can be, and we live in a world where we can connect and exchange information in seconds.  There’s great music, books on all kinds of leadership, spirituality, and self-discovery topics, podcasts and webcasts, seminars, surveys, discovery questionnaires, and the list goes on.  

As I dove into all that’s available I was totally overwhelmed at first.  Where would I start??  Looking back, I sort of followed a bread crumb trail through tools, bloggers, books… I’d read something that would bring me to something else and so on and so on.  To some extent I’m still doing this, but I’ve learned a bit about what’s available and make choices based on what I want to work on at a point in time.  

Why am I sharing all of this?  Because if you’re still reading this we’re likely looking for the same things, and I want to share what I’ve found helpful with you.  In addition to longer postings, I’m going to post quick suggestions for listening, reading, and thinking.  Below are my first suggestions.

Listening – Music is a great source of inspiration and joy.  I love appreciating both genius musicianship and awesome lyrics.  Live Like a Warrior by Matisyahu is a great song to inspire courage.

Reading – Destressifying by Davidji was one of the first books I read after deciding to take the leap… it helped me understand the stress that I was letting rule my life, the benefits of stress, and how to manage stress.  Davidji also has a great website with lots of resources, www.davidji.com.

Thinking – A great place to start is Kathy Caprino’s Career Path Self-Assessment Survey.  Visit her website, www.kathycaprino.com, and click on resources to have it emailed to you. I found it to be more of a passions, gifts and values assessment... definitely more expansive than just career.

I’ll post new quick suggestions frequently.  I’d also love feedback and suggestions from anyone reading this.  Again, this is about us building a community and the more interactions and suggestions we share, the better we’ll all be!