Finding Our Passions... So What?!

So, now you know… you know what drives you, what lights you up, what puts you in the flow. You know yourself and can feel a peace and satisfaction with finally knowing who you really are. When you think about your passions, you think… wow… that’s me!... and it feels so right. Some of it may be surprising, or even scary, but it’s authentic and empowering.

This is all great, but… this is only the beginning. Knowing our passions is meaningless, or worse, if we don’t use them. Knowing what drives us and what we are meant to do is knowledge that needs to be acted on. If it’s just left to sit in a pretty box, we are sure to wonder what could have been.

As we enter 2017, let’s celebrate our passions and make a commitment that they will be put to use. To get started, consider the following questions…

·      What am I already doing that uses my passions?

·      What small step can I take today to put my passions to use? Small steps are significant and shouldn’t be discounted.

·      How do I want to use my passions in the coming year?

·      What scares me most about using my passions?

·      What is the biggest barrier to using my passions?

·      What questions do I have about using my passions?

Big dreams are great, but the small and practical steps are the steps that really transform our lives. Stay tuned… 2017 is going to be the best year yet!