Finding Our Passions... A Trip Down Memory Lane...


Welcome to Finding Our Passions! This is the first video in a four video series all focused on finding our passions. By the end of the series it will almost be 2017, and you'll enter the new year with a whole new perspective on the deep passions that drive your happiness, fulfillment, and purpose, and the value you bring to the world. Finding our passions is the first step in developing the visions for our lives... lots more on vision, courage, and transformation in 2017! Let's take the first step now...

Below is the exercise discussed in the video...

·      List of things I liked to do when I was a kid and/or teenager

·      List of things I was most proud of and praised for when I was a kid and/or teenager

·      List of things I was most interested in when I was a kid and/or teenager

·      What did I “want to be when I grew up” when I was 5, 10, 16, 20?

·      What impact did I see myself having on the world in my life when I was 10, 15, and 20?

·      Look at the lists above and consider the following

o   What are the common themes? Look for ways my answers are connected to each other. For example, wanting to build things and enjoying brain teasers and puzzles require problem solving and seeing how pieces fit together.

o   Look beyond any job titles and think about what I was driven by. For example, doing things that help people, require me to solve problems, are creative, require deep knowledge of a subject, etc.