Daniel Does: Snowshoe, WV

I went to Snowshoe, it was about a 6.5 hour drive... I got a little bored for a while.  Enough about that... we stayed at a hotel named Allegheny Springs.  I really liked the hotel... there was so much stuff to do around it and it was in the center of the village.

We did a bunch of different stuff.  One day we went hiking around the lake.  In one part I got a little bit muddy... haha!  

There was a  rock wall in the village.  It was really hard.  I could never get all the way up... it was one of the hardest rock walls I've ever done!

They had a ski lift right by our hotel.  It was really great because we could zoom right down to the lake anytime!

We saw two bands that were really good... Matisyahu and Pimps of Joytime.  I thought it was a really cool experience to be at an actual live concert.  It was late and I got really tired, so I didn't stay for the whole thing, but I saw most of it!