How Did I Get Here?

Making the decision to transform my career wasn’t quick or lightly taken.  Though I’ve always had a thought in the very back of my mind that at some point I’d do something different, it took me 18 months to get from a feeling that it’s time to change, to today when I’m making the change.  The first 9 months of which I spent weighing whether or not I should leap…

So many questions ran through my mind… Was the feeling real?  Was it just the result of stress?  Was it responsible?  What would I do?  These questions tormented me daily… I couldn’t come up with the answers!  I had an amazing job… one that I had dreamed of… I felt so self-indulgent that I would even think about leaving.  But the feeling wouldn’t go away no matter how much I ignored it, reasoned with it, or argued with it… it was there all the time.

Then one day I realized that I wasn’t asking the right questions.  Until then, I was focused on what the career gave me and my family, good and bad.  I was focused on how I would make money if I left.  I was focused on what my life looked like, which was pretty awesome. 

But everything changed when I started to ask… Why am I doing this?  What is really important in my life?  How do I use the best of myself to serve the world?  What even is the best of myself?  These questions took me to places long since forgotten.  These questions unlocked parts of myself that I didn’t know existed.  These questions started me on a journey that’s more amazing than I ever could have imagined. 

Do I have all of the answers?  NO!  Does anyone?  In some ways, this is the fun of it.  Every day I wake up knowing that I will learn something new.  I approach the day wide eyed ready for new experiences and insights.  I examine myself and discover what I need to change.  Though this might sound painful, it’s quite the opposite… I am finding answers to questions and solutions for problems that have followed me my entire life!