What Do I Want My Life To Look Like? Crafting The Visions For Our Lives.

As I opened my mind and started to explore, I thought more and more about what I want my life to look like.  Since I was focused on transforming my life, not just my next career move, I was free to think… I could look at the big picture.  I figured that if I’m going to transform, I’m going to get the absolute best out of myself and craft the life I dream of!

For me, coming up with a life vision has been critical… it focuses me every day on how I want to live, and that’s how I live.  It helps me think through opportunities to ensure they will allow me to live my vision.  It empowers me and reminds me how far I’ve come. 

I highly recommend developing a life vision before making any career moves to ensure they are in harmony.  For example, becoming a chef at a restaurant may make sense for a person passionate about cooking (good career move!), but may be a disaster if the same person yearns for a life that allows for physical freedom (career and life are not in harmony!).

Over many months and lots of iterations my life vision has evolved and, though I expect it to change over time, I feel it’s right for where I am right now.  Reflecting on the elements of my life vision, it has three broad categories…

What I want to be and feel… this is where it all starts.  For example, I want to be and feel happy.  The other elements of my vision should lead me to happiness.

The key elements of my life… I describe these as the ways I live, the experiences that are most important to me, and how I spend my time.  I have 6 elements, a couple of which are spiritual connection and awesome experiences through travel.

How I serve the world… this combines all of the things I’m passionate about and gifted at into a statement about what I do when I’m at my best.  This one took me a while and I’ll write a separate post about the process.  What’s most important is to brainstorm and keep refining.  The answers will come, but they may take time.

I get up each day and remind myself of my vision, I think about the day and the choices I have to make, and I hold myself accountable to making choices that lead me to the life of my dreams!