Are you looking for an amazing beach? How about the feel of privacy and remoteness?  A relaxed atmosphere where everything is casual and you can really kick back?  Do you want multiple great dining options?  How about a little shopping?  The convenience of available groceries and carry-out stores?  A boat to rent and lots of little nearby islands to explore?  Really nice people who are happy to welcome you to their place?  Not too difficult to get to? 


The Bahamas

We get lots of questions about places to go, how best to pick resorts, strategies for long plane rides, getting around when you don’t know the language, making sure adults and kids both have fun on trips, and lots more.  We want to share this type of information, along with sharing awesome places and experiences when we travel. 

The map highlights where we’ve been – a diverse mix of 27 countries and lots of destinations within those countries.  The key is that we get just as excited to travel to Hocking Hills, OH as we get to travel to Europe or Asia… new experiences, great people, learning, and fun are what we’re about.  So whether you want to take trips you can drive to in 3 hours or want to travel half way across the world, we can relate, we want to do that too!

Resources About the Bahamas